Snowdome lovers, you are in the right place


Who never, on a rainySunday afternoon, found in a trunk one of these magic things ? They show the Mount Saint Michel, the London Tower bridge or the Sant Marc plazza in Venezia. Maggically, you can bring at home of these places.

You will find here some pictures of my snowdome collection . Thank you for people who give them to me . If you have beautiful snowdomes, you can send them to me by mail.

Paris, Mont Saint Michel, Avignon bridge, but also Mailly-Maillet are celebrated by snowdomes.

Venezia, London, the Manneken Piss, the Sagrada Familia, all of this without travelling by train or by plane.

American people are also found of snowdomes.

Cows, dogs, cats, frogs, fishes : we could fill the Noe arche with all these snowdomes.

Gods also live in snowdomes

Building your snowdome (it is easy)

Other websites dealing with snowdomes.

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