In France we love snowdomes as you can see ...

Click on the thumbnails to see the snowdomes in all its glory

In Paris, the snowdome is the essential complement of the Eiffel tower in key door. Each visitor must bring back it at home. It will stay proudly on television and show to the friends that we went there.
Who never dreamed beiing a Normand cow? Grazing fresh grass, looking at trains, making Camembert cheese.
I am the most popular French monument. So I could have been shown at the top of this page.
The Madonna statue on the center is outstanding : people can climb inside. And it is more kitsch than cathedral.
Azay le rideau, why not Azay le chateau? There is not any curtain on windows.
The highest snowdome of my collection. And, a snowdome showing snow, it is cute.
People say that touching a sailor "ponpon" gives chance. I never tryed, I would have broken the snowdome.
A little britanny dance?
Hedgehog falls (in Jura aera). Hedgehog can swim?