European people also make nice snowdomes

Click on the thumbnails to see the snowdomes in all its glory.

London. It seems that people drive on the left side there. But do they also sail on the left side on Thames ?
Bruxelles. What happens when one pees in a snowdome? It overflows?
Barcelona, sagrada familia. This cathedral is under construction and will take a lot of time to be finished. So they must create from time to time a new snowdome. It is not very convenient.
Rome , St Peter basilica and swiss gards. Be aware, they have weapons (pikes).
Rome , but Coliseum .
Cordoba. You can see snow is not very fresh. Weather is hot in Spain.
Turkey. Of course, it is the border of Europe, but one will not haggle. They have to improve their snowdomes.
Eireland. Can someone tell me what is jaunting car ?
Venise, Rialto bridge.
Napoli. What, one more Italian snowdome ? I like this country, so I often go there on holidays.
Florence, piazza della Signoria.
Poros, in Greece.