A religious snowdome, it is a God at home

Click on the thumbnails to see the snowdomes in all its glory.

With donkey and ox, the crib will be full.
A nice snowdome, which sings ave Maria. Inside there is optical fiber, which glows red light (little dots).
Muslims halso have nice snowdomes. If you cannot go to Mecca, just turn this snowdome.
This snowdome is special. Made of glass, very few air inside, gold spangles. It comes from a little harbour in Italy. Every year, a Christ statue is put in the sea to protect fisher men.
This snowdome has no more water left. Pouring water in a calendar snowdome is impossible.
A spanish Madonna. It is phosphorescent.

This one comes fromeNotre Dame de Laghet (near Nice)

Buddha is also in snowdome. See the coins inside, sign of thriving state.