How building or reparing a snowdome


Building a snowdome

You need :

  • A glass jar (baby food, jam jar,...)
  • Une little saucer,
  • The thing you will put inside the snowdome(there a figurine ). If you create it, it must be waterproof,
  • Some white plastic pieces(stopper,...)
  • Glu,
  • Silicon pointing.
Stick your object on the saucer.
Rasp the plastic pieces (I use a cheese grate) , and put it in the jar.
Fill the jar with water. Remind the object will take space . Some air must be on the top, but not too much.
Put the saucer, with glue. Glu must be waterproof. It 's the most critical phase. Let the glu dry as necessary. Do not return the snowdome at this time.
Realise a silicon pointing at the jar - saucer jonction. Let it dry as necessary
It's finished :-))